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Corporate Immigration Partners (CIP) represents an elite group of immigration attorneys and legal professionals who bring dynamic perspectives and extensive experience to our clients in a field where what you know can make or break your success.

The firm has collective experience working for NASA and the United Nations, receiving various pro-bono and research accolades, and seeing our published work appear in world-renown periodicals. Perhaps most relevant to our work today, we’ve lived overseas ourselves and even served in the Foreign Service.

These unique experiences both unite us and serve as the foundation for the work we do at CIP. In turn, we know our clients have their own unique stories and backgrounds as well. We aren’t afraid of relating to and empathizing with the clients we serve. In fact, we think it’s one of our greatest strengths.

These experiences and beliefs continually teach us that immigration should never feel like a one-size-fits-all experience. It is as unique and varied as we are. That’s why we have committed ourselves to provide an exceptional and personalized immigration experience to our clients and their employees.

Our Values

A set of core values drives the growth of CIP. They are the pervasive theme that governs our work and interactions with others.


People First

We believe that our shared humanity brings us closer together. We put people first in the decisions we make and the work we undertake.



The secret to any successful relationship is communication. We believe in straightforward and proactive communication, both internally and with our clients. With a critical and strategic approach, we face challenges in a united way.



We believe that teamwork propels success. We foster a supportive, collaborative environment that enables us to develop creative solutions whenever we face a problem.



We firmly believe in critical, strategic problem solving, exceptional service, and have a voracious appetite for knowledge in the immigration field.


Inclusion & Diversity

We believe that we have an opportunity and responsibility to strengthen the diversity of our workforce. As a majority woman-owned business, we live this belief every day.


Giving Back

We take the initiative to help our fellow citizens and seek opportunities to give back to our communities.

Challenging Times And An Unprecedented Opportunity To Serve

Our faith and commitment to the fundamentals of exceptional service and sophisticated yet practical solutions led to our founding during an unprecedented time in our history.

The challenges our industry, economy, and global citizenry face in the years to come will leave lasting impressions on our businesses. We welcome this opportunity for change and seek to face these challenges while walking hand-in-hand with our clients.

When you’re ready to move forward with your immigration law needs, we’re here to help. Set up a consultation with an attorney by contacting our caring, competent team. Please feel free to call CIP at any of these following numbers Americas: +1 415-771-7500, EMEA: +44 20 34326564, APAC: +86 10 84053554. You may email CIP at info@cipllp.com




It takes a dynamic workforce to thrive in today’s economy. Often, employees transfer to different corporate locations throughout the year and may cross international borders in the process. Additionally, companies are increasingly looking for talent on a global level as the ideal candidate can translate into the competitive edge for your business needs.

A company could have dozens or even hundreds of employees in motion at any given time, and you’ll need the right immigration support to guide you through the associated legal process. Employee transfers exist within an often convoluted web of local, national, or international regulations, including visa and work permit requirements. Legal compliance is a complex and daunting dance if you don’t know the right steps.


Headquarters on the west coast in San Francisco and fully functioning offices in Singapore and London allow us to support clients in every timezone with ease.

Solid And Streamlined Without Sacrificing Service

Our attorneys and staff embrace cutting-edge technology to achieve maximum internal efficiency. This approach gives us the foundation to provide thoughtful and practical solutions, first-class communication, and exceptional legal expertise to every client we serve.

While this technological infrastructure allows us to harness efficiency, we’re dedicated to ensuring it never results in an impersonal experience. Instead, it gives us the freedom to approach each unique situation with the attention it deserves.

US Immigration

CIP provides inclusive US immigration services to corporations, limited liability companies, business organizations, NGOs, and not-for-profit organizations based in the United States and all over the world.

We regularly undertake the preparation and processing of H-1B, I-485, I-140, PERM labor certification, investor visa, waivers, J-1 and H-3 trainee visas, F-1 student visas, O-1s, extensions, renewals, change of employers, dependents, and so much more.

Global Immigration

CIP is a part of the global workforce, and our services reflect this. Whether you are relocating a single manager to Singapore, hiring a team to set up in Paris, or opening up a brand new entity in Sao Paolo, our experienced and attentive team possesses the knowledge and resources to help you meet your goals.

CIP’s Global Immigration Team oversees many aspects of global mobility needs that extend beyond your immediate needs like visa and work permit authorizations. We look further, peering into the future to reveal opportunities for growth. Assembling a global workforce entails many moving pieces, and we can help you manage these aspects efficiently and with confidence. Together, we will create a plan that ensures worldwide immigration compliance each step of the way, no matter the jurisdiction.

One of our greatest strengths involves our approach to logistics. There are multiple CIP hubs strategically located around the world, providing both our firm and its clients with crucial resources unfettered by geographic limitations. With several offices around the world and a global network of local counsel regarded as the best in their field, we are able to offer end-to-end immigration services across the globe.

We engage these local experts to enhance our ability to deliver the most effective result with the utmost efficiency. They operate within their countries on a daily basis. This ensures a faster and more thorough end result for our clients.

When Experience And Preparation Create Mastery

CIP keeps pace with the rapidly changing US immigration environment and evolving client demands by leveraging the years of experience and wide-ranging expertise our attorneys possess. Our detailed understanding of the US and global immigration law streamlines the visa and citizenship application process. Once retained, our familiarity with the many facets of governmental communication allows us to represent you with confidence.

CIP’s goal is to shepherd clients through the complex legal challenges of the US immigration system in an effective and efficient manner.

CIP Elite Corporate Immigration Services

Corporate Immigration Partners offers a wide variety of US immigration services and global immigration assistance. We help our clients achieve their mobility goals from start to finish. Along the way, we utilize technological tools to stay organized and generate data. This data is available to your business to aid in your decision making and planning.


Our Procedural Immigration Process

When we meet a new client we assess which of our immigration processes we will need to galvanize in order to meet their needs. Most clients require one or more of the following services.



We provide an in-depth look at your mobility program to ensure your company is cost-effective, efficient, and compliant. CIP can assist with auditing projects of any size. Some of our auditing services include I-9s, LCAs or wage assessments, global right to work checks, and other services.


Business Visas

Our business traveler experts provide clients with a strategic and comprehensive view of business travel regulations worldwide. Our traveler assessment process and end to end processing takes the guesswork out of obtaining a business visa.



Citizenship is an exciting yet sometimes daunting process for many. We assist clients in navigating the benefits of citizenship in countries around the world. We make the application process seamless and stress-free.



Compliance is at the center of every effective mobility program. We ensure that our clients operate within the confines of all legal regulations and emphasize the importance of compliance in everything we do.


Consular Services

Despite the varying requirements of thousands of consulates around the world, our team has the resources and expertise to overcome any bureaucratic nuance. Our consular services include tourist visas, entry visas, transit visas, business visas, work visas, and a multitude of other related consular services.


Document Acquisition & Authentication

The immigration process requires many documents in all languages and all forms. Our legal experts navigate the US and global document requirements with ease. We assist our clients in identifying the correct papers and provide authentication and legalization advice at the onset to ensure timely processing.


Employment Visas

We’re confident about all the services we offer, but we specialize in obtaining employment visas. We partner with our clients to thoroughly fact find and determine a strategy for each employee that ensures a successful outcome. No country is off-limits, and no scenario is too challenging.


Passport Services

The most important document for every traveler is their passport. We help our clients by ensuring passports are in hand and available when needed. Our experts know the ins and outs of renewals, replacements, and second passports for every global destination.


CIP’s Extensive Corporate Support & Continued Education

In addition to our boots-on-the-ground immigration procedures like drafting, filing, and overseeing your paperwork and process, we offer extensive services to our clients that go beyond the acute immigration issues facing them. We provide these additional services to help clients develop a big-picture view of their workforce mobility.


Reporting and Data Analytics

Data is an invaluable tool for the decision making processes of every company. We make reporting and data analytics simple and effective. In addition to a host of customized reporting capabilities, we use Business Intelligence (BI) to help our clients proactively plan for the future.


Strategic Mobility Planning

We want our clients to thrive, and strategic planning is vital to success. Our partnerships with clients go beyond the day-to-day. We help clients develop their long term strategies and meet their workforce goals through business growth planning, new entity planning, and workforce planning.


Practical Immigration Awareness Training

Immigration laws are cumbersome and ever-changing. Keeping your key stakeholders informed via webinars, one-on-ones, Town Halls, or in-person meetings is essential. This develops and enhances their working understanding of the immigration climate. We offer on-site or virtual training on US immigration, global immigration, case processing, business travel, and much more.

Immigration News

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Meet The Founders and Partners

Addie Hogan

Addie Hogan

Founding Partner

J.D., Santa Clara University School of Law
B.A., Cum Laude, University of Calif., Los Angeles
Email: addie.hogan@cipllp.com

Brendan Coggan

Brendan Coggan

Founding Partner

J.D., University of Calif., Hastings College of Law
B.A., Tufts University
Email: brendan.coggan@cipllp.com

Christy Umstadter

Christy Umstadter

Founding Partner

J.D., University of Calif., Hastings College of Law
B.A., University of California, Berkeley
Email: christy.umstadter@cipllp.com

Elizabeth Jamae

Elizabeth Jamae

Founding Partner

J.D., South Texas College of Law
B.A., University of Texas, Austin
Email: elizabeth.jamae@cipllp.com

Yvonne Toy

Yvonne Toy

Founding Partner

J.D., New York Law School
B.A., University of California, Berkeley
Email: yvonne.toy@cipllp.com

Gina Sales-Cengiz

Gina Sales-Cengiz


J.D., Golden Gate University Law School
B.A., University of California, Davis
Email: gina.salescengiz@cipllp.com

Joy Ang-Pinlac

Joy Ang-Pinlac


J.D., Penn. State University, Dickinson Law
B.A., New York University
Email: joy.angpinlac@cipllp.com

Meet The Dedicated CIP Team

CIP is a collective partnership between valuable individuals who each bring certain knowledge, experience, and strengths to our clients.

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CIP is always on the lookout for brilliant, self-motivated individuals who can bring fresh ideas, varying perspectives, and contribute to the growth and direction of the firm.

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